How To Recover Deleted Videos From iPhone

Have you accidentally deleted videos from your iPhone that you require again? Go to the Recently Deleted album on your iPhone and select the videos you wish to restore. Finally, tap on the Recover button to complete the restoration. 

Have you ever deleted a video on your iPhone and instantly regretted it? Fortunately, iPhone offers users the option to recover lost media through the Recently Deleted folder or a previously made backup. Recover your deleted videos by following a few basic steps mentioned in this tutorial. 

Where are Videos Stored on iPhone? 

All videos that users shoot through an iPhone’s lens get stored within the Camera Roll of the device. Users can easily access these videos by tapping on the Photos icon and selecting Camera Roll. You can view all your videos here.

Where do Deleted Videos go on iPhone? 

Videos you delete go directly to the Recently Deleted album and are stored there for 30 days before the iPhone permanently deletes them. The videos you purchased or downloaded using an Apple ID are downloadable without additional charges. 

How to Recover Deleted Videos from iPhone 

Four simple methods help users recover lost videos from their iPhone:

  1. Users can extract the videos they deleted from the Recently Deleted album.
  2. Users may also extract media from an iTunes backup.
  3. The iCloud backup works similarly to iTunes.
  4. Several iPhone data recovery software can come in handy to restore lost media. 

Check the “Recently Deleted” album in the Photos app 

When you delete any media from your iPhone, it is first sent to the Recently Deleted album and stored for 30 days. If you require restoration of a video within 30 days of deletion, the Recently Deleted section is the fastest and most convenient way of recovering media. Follow the next few steps to recover media through this method. 

Tap on the Photos icon recover recntly deleted iPhone 1 > Albums > Recently Deleted. Scan through the media in this section and identify the video you are trying to restore. Select the videos that you wish to recover > Tap Recover. The videos will get restored to your main Photos album.

recover recntly deleted iPhone 2
recover recntly deleted iPhone 3
recover recntly deleted iPhone 4
recover recntly deleted iPhone 5
recover recntly deleted iPhone 6

If this method fails, proceed to recover these videos through an iTunes backup.

iTunes Backup 

When you perform a backup to iTunes, all media gets automatically included in the backup. Follow the process below to recover your lost videos. 

  1. Do not sync your iPhone with iTunes after detecting that you have lost your video. It will update the backup file and permanently delete your ost video. 
  2. Download and install an iOS data recovery software (for Windows) on your PC.
  3. After launching the software on your computer, follow its tutorial to access your backup file on iTunes. The way to do so should be easily navigable but varies from software to software. 
  4. Scan the backup file to extract the contents from it.
  5. After completing the scan, all files in the backup will become visible to the user. Select the videos that you wish to restore and click on the Recover option to save them on your computer. 

iCloud backup 

The third way of finding your lost videos is similar to the second method. This time, you can recover the deleted videos by extracting them from an iCloud backup. The difference between iTunes and iCloud is that iCloud is enabled by default on most iPhones. Hence, your data will back up automatically in iCloud. Therefore, giving this method a try increases your chances of recovering a lost video.

An important point to note is not to back up your device on iCloud when you detect a missing video.

  1. Download and install an iOS Data Recovery software on your computer and launch it after installation. 
  2. Navigate your way through the software and locate the backup file of your device.
  3. Enter your Apple login credentials if the software prompts you.
  4. Once logged in, you will find all available backup files with their corresponding dates. Please select the appropriate one and save it on your computer.
  5. The software should scan the backup file and display all its items. Select the videos you wish to restore and click on the option to Recover them. 

Use iPhone Data Recovery Software 

If the previous methods have failed, it is time to resort to iPhone Data Recovery Software. One such software that we find easy to navigate is Disk Drill. It has a user-friendly interface and performs well. Disk Drill can help you find lost data on disc-based storage devices. The following steps demonstrate how Disk Drill can help retrieve your lost videos on your iPhone. 

  1. Download and install the Disk Drill data recovery software on your computer. 
  2. Connect your iPhone to the computer using a cable. 
  3. Launch the software and select your iPhone from the list of all available devices. 
  4. Click on the Search for Lost Data button to initiate scanning the iPhone for recoverable data. 
  5. Preview the files that Disk Drill has identified.
  6. Select the media you wish to recover and choose a location on your computer to save them.
  7. Click on the Recover option to finally restore your videos. 

How to keep iPhone Videos from Getting Deleted 

Now that we have explored the different ways of recovering lost videos, let us also look at how not to lose them in the first place. These tricks help users keep their data protected. 

  1. When sharing your device with someone else, make it a habit to check your Recently Deleted folder to check that no one has deleted your media. 
  2. Only delete your media after double-checking it. It is safe to keep your deleted items in the Recently Deleted folder for 30 days, since you never know when you might require a video again. 
  3. Keep your device safe from thieves and environmental or physical damage. In case of damage, you could lose your data forever. 
  4. Surf the internet carefully and avoid clicking on suspicious and malicious links or ads. Viruses or malware can gain entry into your iPhone. These viruses can corrupt your data once it has penetrated the security shields of your iPhone. 
  5. Create regular backups of your data on iCloud or iTunes. It increases your chances of keeping your data safe. You can even use iCloud to make backups automatically.


This blog explains the four most common methods of recovering your lost videos from the iPhone. We have also offered a few means through which you can prevent potential loss of data. Install Disk Drill on your computer to ensure successful retrieval of lost videos from your iPhone. If you have any further thoughts, please feel free to mention them in the comments below. We hope our guide helps you recover deleted videos from your iPhone.

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