How to Turn on 5G on iPhone 11 (2024)

✅ We last checked all the steps in this guide on iPhone 11 with 17.2.1 installed. The latest iOS version is 17.2.1.


On how to turn on 5G on iPhone 11, open your Settings app. Then, select Cellular > Cellular Data Options and then activate 5G.

To turn 5G on iPhone 11;

  • Open Settings.
  • Click on Cellular.
  • Select the Cellular Data Options.

If this page is available on your iPhone, you have 5G. If not, you should contact your carrier.

Your iPhone 11 can finally connect to the 5G network, which is good news for many smartphone users. 5G is the most advanced cellular tech today, with a faster speed than the 4G we usually use. Now, iPhone 11 devices can activate 5G. If you’re wondering how to turn on 5G on iPhone 11, follow the steps in the guide below.

What You Need to Turn on 5G on iPhone 11

If you want to use 5G on your iPhone 11, you need your iPhone 11 device. You also need a network carrier that supports 5G and a 5G cellular plan. Without the plan, you can’t use 5G on your device.

If you just bought your iPhone 11, you can use the SIM it came with for 5G. Or, use the SIM from your previous device and ask your carrier to set up 5G for you. Aside from these, you don’t need to download any other app or add features to use 5G on your iPhone 11. 

Does iPhone 11 Support 5G? 

iPhone 11 now supports 5G. You can check your settings to see if there is 5G on your phone. 5G is also available on iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro. 

How Do I Turn on 5G on iPhone 11? 

Follow the steps below to turn 5G on iPhone 11:

  1. Open your Settings app.
  2. Select Cellular.
  3. Tap Cellular Options.
  4. Toggle the 5G option on. 

If the 5G option is unavailable, you can contact your network carrier to know more. If you want to turn cellular data on your iPhone 11, learn more in this video:

How To Turn Off 5G on iPhone 11? 

You can quickly turn your 5G off on your iPhone 11. Simply follow the same steps above, but Toggle the 5G option off instead of on. Keep in mind that you’ll lose the benefits offered by a 5G network.

How Do I Know if 5G is Turned on? 

The quickest way to recognize 5G on your iPhone 11 is your download and loading speeds. If your network speed is faster than usual, your 5G is working with better performance.

You can also check the settings to see if 5G is toggled on or off your iPhone 11.

What are the Benefits of Turning On 5G on the iPhone 11? 

Different advantages come with using 5G on your iPhone 11. These include:

Faster Loading Time 

The main benefit of using 5G on the iPhone 11 is that it speeds up your uploads and downloads. Your loading time will speed up, and many large downloads will take only a few minutes. Compared to your 4G phone, 5G phones increase downloads by 20 times. 

Allows More Data 

5G on your iPhone 11 means you get better data capacity. With more data on your iPhone 11, you get high-quality FaceTime, Apple Music videos and songs, automatic iCloud backups, high-definition content on Apple TV, and quicker updates over cellular.

Check out this video to learn more about 5G:


Should I Turn On 5G on iPhone 11? 

If you want to enjoy better quality loading times and more data on 5G, you should turn on 5G on your iPhone 11. By turning it on, you can enjoy better quality and ease when using your device.


Using 5G on your iPhone 11 improves your mobile use and enhances your experience. If you want to benefit from 5G, you should check out the settings of your smartphone. You’ll need to contact your network carrier if you don’t find the setting. Once you activate 5G on your iPhone 11, let us know the benefits you enjoyed in the comments below! 

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