The Right Ways of How to Insert SIM Card on iPhone 8

Some of you may wonder how to insert sim card on iPhone 8 carefully with the right ways, right? People usually want those ways when they have just bought this smartphone. For those who ever have this phone, they may be very easy to insert the SIM Card to the iPhone 8. However, it will not work for those who are the new users of iPhone 8. Are you one of them? If so, just follow the iPhone 8 guide below so that you can insert your SIM Card on your new iPhone 8 in the right way.

insert sim card on iphone 8

Five Right Steps of How to Insert SIM Card on iPhone 8

Before inserting a SIM card, you must turn off your iPhone. Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button, then slide the Power icon to the right.

  1. Take a paper clip and make it straight
    First of all, you need a SIM ejector tool to take the SIM Card Tray Slot out. In this case, a paper clip can be the best choice to eject the SIM card slot.
  2. Check the right side of your device to place the SIM Tray
    You can find the slot of the SIM card on the right side of the device. The location of the SIM Tray is easy to detect.
  3. Take out the tray
    The third step of how to set up a new iPhone 8 you should do is to take out the tray. To do it, you can firstly insert the pin you have into the small hole. After the pin gets into the hole, then push it slightly. If you do it right, the tray will pop-out.
  4. Insert the SIM Card
    After you see the tray pop-out, now you can Insert your SIM Card into the tray so the notched angle or corner aligns.
  5. Reinsert the SIM tray into the device
    After you finish Insertting the SIM Card into the tray, you can reinsert the tray to the device again. Make sure you have Insert the SIM Card in the right position.

The five ways of how insert sim card on iPhone 8 above are easy to do, aren’t they? What you need to have is only the SIM ejector tool, like a paper clip. Of course, it is very easy to find around you.
In addition, if you need your device to be durable, don’t too much change the SIM Card. When you take out the tray so many times, it is possible to make the SIM tray out of order or even broken. So, be careful to do it and keep your device from damage.

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