How to get iPhone 8 Portrait Mode?

Portrait mode on a smartphone allows you to create a depth-of-field effect. The mode makes the picture subject – person, pet, tree, vehicle, or another object – sharp while leaving behind a blurred background.

Unfortunately, not all smartphones have this feature. As far as iOS goes, you will find the portrait mode on iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X, and later models. The answer to the question of does iPhone 8 have portrait mode is no, iPhone 8 does not have a portrait mode. 

Nevertheless, just because iPhone 8 portrait mode is unavailable, it does not limit you from taking great pictures with your device. 

Is it possible to do real portrait photography on an iPhone 8?

Some people will tell you that iPhones should not be used for serious photography. Sure, DSLR (digital single-lens reflex) cameras are technically superior, but they do not guarantee that photos will come out professionally. For the most part, it depends on the photographer and their vision.

iPhone cameras are quite good already, and even if you have an older model, it still means that the device comes with a decent camera. The problem is learning how to make the most out of it.

Taking a photo with a blurred background 


Let’s say that you want to take a photo with a blurred background but don’t have access to the portrait mode. If so, there is another way to get a blur effect. It will take some experiment, but practice is what will get you to reach a desired result.

Open the iPhone’s camera and find an object you can practice on. It can be something like a candle, a book, or a water bottle. 

Try to take a picture up close and do multiple snaps by moving the camera even closer to the object little by little without blurring it.

Post-editing software is another option to consider. Photoshop, which is a popular editing tool you can use on a computer might seem like too much for a random photo you took with the iPhone, but if you have the time, why not use Photoshop or another computer software?

iPhone 8 Portrait Mode Apps

iPhones also have some applications that can add a blur effect. A few examples include Snapseed, Photo Un.Blur, and Blur Photo Effect Background. All three apps are available on the official app store. 

Improving iPhone picture quality

Maybe you have been taking pictures on your iPhone for a while but still have not figured out how to capture more than just simple snapshots? Or perhaps the quality of photos that you take are nowhere close to what your friends on social media have been posting? 

If that’s the case, you should consider some of the suggestions:

  • Keep your hands steady to avoid shaking the smartphone. If you struggle with that, get a tripod. Cameras need a slow shutter speed to take quality pictures, particularly in low light settings.
  • Setting your focus point is also important. iPhone cameras have the autofocus feature, but do not rely on it all the time. Instead, get in the habit of setting the focus point manually so that you are in control of snapping the picture.
  • Be mindful of movement. Perhaps there is a car passing by, or you are standing in a train station. Motion blur can be a neat addition to a photo, but if that was not your goal, you will need to retake the shot.
  • Tinker with camera settings. Different smartphones have different cameras, and not just in terms of pixels. Try zooming in and out, using the night mode, disabling autofocus, or other gimmicks that your iPhone might have.

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