How To Split Screen On iPhone 11? 2024

✅ We last checked all the steps in this guide on iPhone 11 with 17.2.1 installed. The latest iOS version is 17.2.1.

The split-screen feature of the iPhone first came with iOS 9.

Using an iPhone offers you a dozen benefits and one of them is the newest split-screen feature. It means you can use 2 applications at the same time. It’s not just the functionality but also twice as much fun as using a single application.

Intriguing, right? Are you thinking about ways to split the screen on your iPhone 11?

You may not really know how to use the split-screen feature as it’s the latest update, but I will explain everything to you in this blog.

How to Split Screen on iPhone 11 Device?

Follow the steps below to experience using apps in the split-screen mode on your iPhone:

  1. Open an app.
  2. Now, launch another app that supports split-screen. Right after opening the app, close it as you’ll need to show it on the toolbar.
  3. Move back to the first app you want to split the screen with.
  4. From the bottom of the screen, slide up to view the toolbar. This toolbar has your pinned apps and windows you opened recently.
  5. You will now need to move the App. To move it, press and hold the app. Pick it up from the toolbar and drag it towards the first App’s screen. You’ll see a thin rectangular box. 

Note: You can move the App to any side you want and drop it.

Types of Split Screen 

Apple’s phones have reserved multitasking features for specific applications. For running apps that support multitasking, you can easily use split-screen. We have three types of split-screen, and they are:

  1. Split View
  2. Slide Over
  3. Center Window 

Let me tell you how each of these types works.

Split View

In split view, two apps show up side-by-side. If you drag down/up the slider between them, you can resize the apps. 

Slide Over

Slide-over displays screens split into smaller, floating windows. You can drag any one of those to any side of your screen. 

Center Window

In some apps, you can open a centre window that enables you to focus on itself and access other items like email or a note altogether.

How to Split Screen on iPhone 11 Using Split-screen App?

You can use the split-screen feature with plenty of app options on your iPhone. If the above method does not work for you, you can always select an app from the App Store and get the job done. 

Here’s how:

  1. Launch the App Store.
  2. Search for Split-Screen Multitasking using the search bar.
  3. Follow the screen instructions to install the app on your iPhone.
  4. Enjoy the split-screen feature on your iOS 13.

Note: The free apps supporting split-screen will have a lot of ads popping up while using the feature. 

Limitations of Using a Split Screen iPhone App

The user experience of split-screen on your iPhone is not as good as the overall performance of the product itself. Using apps from the App Store, the scrolling is smooth but the iPhone lacks other options for easy navigation through apps. 

There are a couple of apps which can somehow give you the multitasking facility by splitting the screen on the iPhone, but the interface doesn’t really offer very good usability. 

Is Split Screen a User-Friendly Feature?

If you ask me, I’d say split-screen isn’t really user-friendly. But, one shoe doesn’t fit all as this feature helps many people in multitasking. Any device with this feature can open and display two apps or windows simultaneously. 

You can be reading a book on Kindle, and on the split section of the screen, there’s a dictionary helping you understand the meaning of different words.

Apple has not yet given its users clear instructions on how to use split-screen on iOS devices. Even so, the iPhone has come a long way since its arrival. But Apple is a bit secretive about a few features of some of its products. Not everyone can get a clear idea about accessing them.

Is Split Screen Mode Available for All iPhone Models?

No, not all iPhone models come with the split-screen feature. iPhone 7,8,10 and 11 have split-screen attributes. 

Rather, all the models with iOS 13 allow users to use it. 

Many iPhone users don’t use the split-screen mode daily. Only a few Apple users are actually aware of it. Even then, Apple needs to improve this feature in iPhone like the iPad and Android.

You should still develop an understanding of the limitations of the split mode. Also, you should know how this attribute can benefit you when you need to multitask. The splitting screen is possible, though, with the new Apple iOS. 

You can split your screen and experience multitasking on your iPhone as you do on your iPad.

Note: The split-screen mode user experience on your iPhone needs improvement compared to the Android devices. The Android devices serve their users with the best dual-screen experience. 

Wrapping Up

Useful features like split-screen are somehow underrated. Making optimal use of this option when needed, you can enjoy every moment of your iPhone experience.

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